RB4 Dryden Town Hall Meeting – Air Emissions Project

Weyerhaeuser told the local building trade unions involved with the Dryden Mill that, unless they would do the job without the manifolds, the work would go non-union. There was not a lot of work in the area at the time, so the unions agreed (except the Ironworker’s union which was outvoted), but most of the workers on this job never found out about these circumstances until after the job was over. By then, most workers were reporting various symptoms they attributed to this job, the main ones being memory loss, stomach problems, heart problems and many more. Because of the work of one member of the IBEW and one from the UA (plumber/pipefitters), the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers(OHCOW) was brought in to do an intake clinic to see if there was a correlation between the job and the symptoms most workers were experiencing. OHCOW wrote a report stating that most of the workers had been poisoned. This clinic filled out Form 8s for all the workers citing CTE (chronic toxic encephalopathy) and submitted them to the WSIB.
Since that time, many of these workers have died, or been forced to retire because of health problems, and most have met a roadblock from the WSIB, trying to make workers prove they were sickened, which is something that can only be confirmed by an autopsy. Quite a few of these workers have given up fighting the WSIB, which is trying to make workers prove they have CTE.
For this reason, the Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group has set up a committee to collect, analyze and organize stories to bring to those in positions of power and get justice for these workers and their widows. If you, or someone you know has been affected by this job, they would like to hear these stories. Stories can be kept completely anonymous if requested. To share your stories, go to the Dryden RB4 “Contact Us” page https://thunderbayinjuredworkers.com/dryden-rb4/ and leave contact information, or a short version of your story. If you would prefer to talk to someone directly, let them know and someone will get back to you within a day or two. You can also just email the committee at drydenrb4@gmail.com. They would love to hear from you.
Join the upcoming Town Hall meeting
If you or someone you know worked at Weyerhauser between 2002 and 2004, find out more about the project at the upcoming Town Hall (Jan. 31st at 7 p.m.EST/ 6 p.m. CST). Join by phone or online:
Weblink: https://zoom.us/join
Meeting ID: ‪898 0698 7071‬
Passcode: 536530
Call-in: ‪1-647-374-4685‬
Please download and share Town Hall Meeting poster.
If you cannot attend the meeting yourself OR you know someone affected by health problems that might be related to the project, please complete the referral form at https://www.ohcow.on.ca/about/referrals/

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Tuesday, January 24th 2023 at 10:00am

Thunder Bay and District Injured Worker’s Support Group welcome you to our Tuesday : Information and Advocacy sessions. this week we have featuring:

January 24 -Emmanuelle Lopez- Bastos, Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Coordinator

UFCW Canada | United Food and Commercial Workers Union

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Tuesday, January 17th 2023 at 10:00am – Anne Hudon – School of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montreal

Thunder Bay and District Injured Worker’s Support Group welcome you to our Tuesday : Information and Advocacy sessions. this week we have featuring:

January 17 – Anne Hudon – School of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montreal

 Framing the Care of Injured Workers: An Empirical Four‐Jurisdictional Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Boards’ Healthcare Policies

The objective of this study was to explore how workers’ compensation policies related to healthcare provision for workers with musculoskeletal injuries can affect the delivery and trajectories of care for injured workers. The principal research question was: What are the different ways in which workers’ compensation (WC) policies inform and transform the practices of healthcare providers (HCPs) caring for injured workers?


[OHC] Press Conference & Fact Checker: Patients who have been extra-billed thousands of dollars in private clinics join us to call out Ford’s claims

Please review the following messages below to learn more about the real costs of “no extra costs” for privatized healthcare”.  Do what you can whether it is a call to your MPP or a letter to the editor or join rallies or other actions to stop the privatization of our healthcare.  Ford and his cronies are well on their way to the 3rd and final reading this week.  The time to act is NOW!

March 9th Thunder Bay Health Coalition Meeting via Zoom

We heard about the Ontario Health Coalition’s plan to stop the privatization of our hospitals and now we have to begin to put in place our plans for the campaign here in Thunder Bay and across the Northwest. 

To that end we invite you to our next Thunder Bay Health Coalition meeting (by Zoom) next Thursday March 9th at 6:30 pm (Eastern).  We will be discussing what we need to do to get our message out and to get everyone in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario to vote against The Ford government’s plans to move our public hospital services to private for-profit clinics and private for-profit hospitals.  Our public Medicare system is at risk and we must do everything we can to save it.

Please join us by Zoom on Thursday March 9th at 6:30 pm  

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Podcast on Injured Workers that features some of the members of the Thunder Bay Injured Workers.

Please check out this Podcast with Talking Radical Radio
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Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers Support Group

Here are links for a couple of the ways you can listen online (and it can also be found via iTunes and other podcast venues, plus it broadcasts on various community stations across Canada at different times through the week):



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