Pressure mounts on Ottawa to join wide ban on asbestos

Story by    TAVIA GRANT

The Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, Mar. 27, 2016 9:44PM EDT

Dozens of groups are pressing Ottawa to join more than 50 countries in banning asbestos, a move the Liberal Party supported while in opposition.

A letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this month notes that Canada still allows the use of asbestos and lacks a comprehensive strategy to phase out the substance or to promote safe substitutes. Continue reading

Am I Being Cynical?

By Greg Snider with thanks to Steve Mantis and Jules Tupker

A recent discussion during the TBDIWSG Board meeting left me wondering if Michael Gravelle was right a decade ago when, after I made a presentation to a Government standing committee, he said I was being cynical.

Then the issue was the Liberals efforts to improve the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disabilities Act.  Today it is the Liberals efforts to improve the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Continue reading

Labour Minister meets with Injured Workers Organization

ONIWG (Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups) met with the Minister of Labour in January and discussed several topics.  Those topics included Experience Rating, Extended Health Benefits, 72 month lock-in, Indexation/COLA, Deeming, Coverage and the reappointment of I. Greg Marshall.

The minister expressed mixed amounts of support for the issues that were brought forward but agreed to review many of those issues. He made it clear that he saw this appointment as long term and wanted to continue his dialogue with the Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups.

In fact a second meeting has been arranged between the ONIWG and the Premier’s Office.

A more detailed review of the meeting follows for those interested.

A Meeting With the MInister Continue reading