Justice for Injured Workers Promotional Video


About us

Many of the people that we support are struggling to make ends meet because of denials of their WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) Claims and Delays in Appeals of The Denials.

Many #InjuredWorkers and their families live in #Poverty waiting for their cases to be heard! Our Peet Support work helps these workers and their families cope.

We provide support to Injured Workers through

The sharing of knowledge, fellowship and peer support with Injured Workers, their families and their supports.

The lobbying of Politicians, The WSIB and others with Power over Workers Compensation in Ontario.

The education of the general public, Unions, and any other individuals and groups with the ability to support or hinder the Welfare of Injured Workers.

Injured Workers need a Compensation and Rehabilitation System that recognizes the special difficulties they face as persons with Permanent Disabilities from Work Acquired Injuries.

We acknowledge that the Injured Workers with Permanent lifelong disabilities WILL require an extra level of care and services!

The Meredith Principles CAN help us achieve this!

The Meredith Principles (No-Fault Compensation, Collective Liability, Security of payment, Exclusive Jurisdiction and Administration by Independent Boards) became the basis for Workers Compensation Systems in Canada and The United States and SHOULD remain today!

We REQUIRE Compensation for as long as Disability lasts!

Injured Workers cannot become a financial burden on the community AKA: OW, ODSP, CPPD

The system is to provide (Full Justice) NOT (Half-Measures) to The Injured Worker!

Justice and Humanity Speedily Rendered!

Did you get Injured at work?

Didn’t claim for WSIB and still struggling with Injury/Illness? Please dont give up!

Connect with us !

Speak up and Fight for your Rights!

Repetitive Strain Injuries needs to be addressed!

WSIB NEEDS to be held Accountable – Lets stop #Deeming!

90% of Injured Workers CRAVE to Return To Work, but unfortunately DONT have Doctors (Green Light) to Return To Work

Being Forced to Return To Work is NOT the solution!

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