The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group is run by a elected Board.   There are 15 positions on the Board. Each Board member serves a three year term. The TBDIWSG runs staggered elections,  meaning that  five board positions or 1/3 of the Board, come up for elections each year.  For example a board position filled in a 2017 end in 2020 and a board position filled  in 2019 would end in 2021.

Below is the list of current Board member and trustees for the Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group as of the conclusion of the 2018 Annual General meeting.

Name Position on Executive End of Term
Eugene Lefrancois President 2024
Janet Paterson Vice President 2024
Jules Tupker Secretary 2024
Steve Mantis Treasurer 2024
Chris Lawson 2022
Ted Bobrowski 2022
Diane Parker 2022
Jim Littleford 2022
Lise Vaugeois 2022
Greg Snider 2022
Ken Bjorn Trustee 2022
Moses Sheppard HONORARY TRUSTEE Life time appointment