The Grand Bargain in Workers Compensation Is Dead As Opt Out Grows Says Insurance Industry Journal
Why Workers’ Compensation Is Especially Needed Now: Report from WCRI Conference
By Andrew G. Simpson | March 6, 2017

After decades of managing costs for employers, it’s time for workers’ compensation professionals and public policymakers to turn their attention to the needs of injured workers and think of themselves more as players in a broader safety net, workers’ compensation experts were told last week. Continue reading

Thunder Bay Recognizes Injured Workers Day, June 1

Check out the Thunder Bay and District Injured Worker Support Group News Release

May 30, 2017

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers’ Support Group (TB&DIWSG) will be raising a flag and hosting a media conference at Thunder Bay City Hall to celebrate Injured Workers Day on Wednesday,  June 1st at 10 AM.  This is also part of National AccessAbility Week. Continue reading

Injured Workers Flag to be raised at City Hall

Thunder Bay’s Mayor to raise the Injured Workers Flag at City Hall and declare June 1st Injured Workers Day in Thunder Bay.

It is important to remember that many people have been denied the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labour by a workplace injury or decease.  Over a thousand people a year are injured or made ill by their workplace in Ontario, some for a lifetime.  Hundreds loose their lives because of a workplace injury or illness every year.

Please join us on  Thursday, June 1st at 10:00 am.

Please clink on link for poster.


WSIB cutting costs at expense of workers’ health, report says

A huge thank you to Sara Mojtehedzadeh for her continuing to tell the story of Injured Workers  and to the Toronto Star for continuing to print then.  This story is from May 24th 

Ontario’s worker compensation board is saving money by reducing spending on drug benefits for workplace accident victims and by providing financial incentives to their health-care providers to limit treatment time, a new report compiled by a Toronto-based legal clinic says.

T Continue reading

Worker Killed in Fredrickton, New Brunswick

The following story was printed by CBC News Posted: Jun 28, 2016 11:09 AM AT Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016 5:28 PM AT

I would request that people note the highlighted quote from Marcel LeBlalnc.  He speaks clearly an alternate truth.  An alternate truth spoken by to many employers and employees resulting in to many workplace injuries and deaths.  Work isn’t safe.  Workers and Employers make it safe. ………or not   Thank you Mr. LeBlanc for pointing out how easy it is to stray from the attitude we need at work.  – Greg Snider

A Port of Dalhousie employee was killed Monday at Great Northern Timber’s shipping facility at the port when a loader he was driving on a pile of wood chips tipped over. Continue reading

Another Win for Injured Workers

Some good news from our friends at IAVGO.  By working together with our friends and allies, we are making some progress.  While there is more to do, let’s celebrate this victory!!  – Steve Mantis, Treasurer, Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group.


Hi Everyone,

The WSIB’s FOI department sent us a letter today letting us know that they are making their drug formularies public and searchable. Continue reading

Submission To Charles Sousa Minister of Finance

The Following was Submitted to Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa when he was in Thunder Bay on December 9th to hear Budget Submission.


The TBDIWSG has heard the Minister of Finance expressed a request for specific interest.  The TBDIWSG will be focusing most of our submission on ways to grow the economy.  In order to understand our submission, you will have to understand two truths.  The first truth is that although we believe that the economy exists to serve the people, we also believe that a worker who is working is better for the economy then one who is not.  The second truth may be the hardest to believe but, contrary to the stigma regarding injured workers concerning their lack of desire to work, the truth is that injured workers want to get back to permanent and meaningful jobs.  Unfortunately, for both these workers and all of us who benefit from a healthy economy, the WSIB has created many barriers to a worker’s recovery.   Many of these barriers also have a negative effect for the employers and the economy. Continue reading