Message from the Ontario Disability Support Program

Dear Employment Supports Service Providers and Community Partners,

We are hoping everyone is doing ok as we work through these difficult times.

It is during these times when we realize the importance of our community partnerships and relationships.  Knowing that we are often in contact with common clients, we wanted to share some of our service delivery measures with you.

Effective immediately and until further notice, we have implemented the following:

– there is no need for clients to worry about submitting their income reports at this time (unless they submit electronically)

– Special Diet Allowances, already in pay, will continue, even if set to expire – clients are not to worry about getting their signed forms in for now (unless they submit electronically)

– as well, we will not require forms and verification for Mandatory Special Necessities as we will issue these benefits and obtain what is needed later on (unless they submit electronically)

While our offices remain open, we are attempting to avoid having clients attend our offices, as much as possible, for everyone’s well-being.

We are hopeful that informing our clients of these measures will be helpful in achieving that objective, and would appreciate your efforts in sharing our message whenever that opportunity presents itself.

We will continue to keep you as informed as possible, as we go along.  Should you have any questions about our current service delivery measures, please contact us.

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