Weekly News

You may be having a lousy day but at least you’re not in Newfoundland… unless you are; In which case everything will be fine because you’re surrounded by Newfoundlanders.  We posted some articles on the site this week you may want to check out after reading the update.

Tuesday Together

This past Tuesday Hillary Dorothy Jones, a Lakehead University Graduate Student, shared information with the group regarding Mental Health First Aid.   During the discussion Hillary talked about grieving not being something that just happens when somebody dies but is something we could go through at other times, for instance the loss of a job.

Regional News

TBDIWSG Treasurer Steve Mantis was interviewed by Mike Ebbeling for CKDR this week.  The article, if you are interested, is posted on this sight.  Check it out.

Labour Awards Dinner 

Tickets are still available for the Labour Awards Dinner and fundraiser.  Contact Janet Patterson at 472-7295 or Greg Snider 345-7904

Articles to Check Out

Take advantage of every opportunity to speak truth to power.   Tap Tap    Oh look Opportunity’s knocking https://injuredworkersonline.org/how-to-reduce-poverty

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