Storyteller looking for stories

Hello folks this just came  to us through our friends at Canadian Injured Workers Alliance.  Kathy Tomlinson is a investigative reporter.   The stories of Injured Workers needs to be told but that decision is yours.

 Message from Kathy Tomlinson, Globe and Mail:

I need your help, please, if you are willing.

I am doing in-depth research for a major story and our aim is to push for positive, systemic change (some of you may have heard me talk about this when I attended the workers’ advocate session Sarah and Rolf hosted a few weeks back).

I am working hard to connect with injured workers who became addicted to painkillers, who also feel deficiencies in the WCB system contributed to their ordeals.

I also need to connect with families of injured workers – who died from unintentional or intentional overdose, or other complications from their painkiller addictions. 

If you know any family members whose loved ones ultimately died under these circumstances – workplace injury, painkiller addiction – who are willing to help, OR any injured workers struggling with this, please ask them to contact me confidentially at or at 604-631-6628 – or please send me their contact info.  Many thanks.

           Sarah O’Leary



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