Bits and Bites with Dates – Feb. 2019

Written by Greg Snider with some serious editing by Jules Tupker

Topics  Include :

Wise Up Gathering

Presentation to the Provincial Government

Meeting with Our Local MPPs

Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups

Important Dates

Articles, Videos and Posters


“Wise Up” Gathering:

The Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers Support Group (TB&DIWSG) is very excited to announce  a new initiative called “Wise Up” that will give injured workers and others a chance to educate themselves on a wide range of topics regarding WSIB.  But that is not all, there will be a free light lunch provided.  We also hope to bring in speakers to provide advice and information that injured workers can use.

The intent of this gathering is to give participants time to share stories/issues and maybe get some insight from other people who have lived through the same issues.  Personal situations and outcomes that participants have lived through and experienced could help somebody else.  Special guests providing information and education will interest you and stir the conversation.  You will not know if you don’t come out.

Everyone is welcome: Injured Workers, family members, friends, supports or anyone who cares about their fellow man/women.

The first “Wise Up” session is on March 5th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and will be held at the Boardroom at the HAGI Building at 1201 Jasper Dr.   We have invited an expert on Disability Tax Credits to speak at this first session.  Please try to join us.


Presentations to the Provincial Government:

In January  Steve Mantis, TBDIWSG Treasure, made a presentation on behalf of the TB&DIWSG to the Parliamentary Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs (PCFEA) in Dryden.

On February 7th Janet Paterson, TB&DIWSG President, made a verbal presentation to Vic Fideli, the Minister of Finance at the Finlandia Hall using up her complete 3 minutes of time.  Janet also provided a written response to the Committee.  The Minister was greeted on his arrival at the Finlandia by protesters from numerous organizations including the TB&DIWSG.  Although there were many different issues represented by numerous groups many of who were concerned with poverty, health care, compensation and workplace safety.

Although the current Ontario Government has clearly made cutting costs to businesses their priority we can and will continue to fight to maintain and improve Workers Compensation in this province.

The presentations by Janet Paterson can be found below and Steve Mantis’ presentation to the  PCFEA can be found a couple of articles down titled ‘The Parliamentary Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs Roadshow”

Parliamentary Committee on Finance 2019 Janet Paterson Presentation tofollow the money


Meeting with our Local MPPs:

Several members of the TBDIWSG have been meeting with Judith Monteith-Farrell, the NDP MPP for Thunder Bay Atikokan on a monthly basis.  She has been suggesting the best ways to communicate our issues to the current Government.  She and her fellow NDP members have been raising Injured Workers issues during Members Statements in the Legislature on an almost daily basis.

We just had our first meeting with Michael Gravelle this past Tuesday.  Michael was very open during our meeting and offered some ideas on how we can deal with WSIB issues.

We are working on meeting with other MPPs representing our part of Ontario (Greg Rickford and Sol Mamakwa) along with the Minister of Labour.  We will keep you informed.


Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups (ONIWG):

The ONIWG is a province wide organization made up of Injured Workers Groups across Ontario.  Our Region of Ontario is allowed one representative to sit on the board.  Our representative is Bob Larocque.  Thank you very much Bob for taking on this added task and for all of your work.

ONIWG has asked all of their Group members to contact local MPPs to set up a meeting.  This is work we have been doing for some time with our two local MPPs but as mentioned we will reach out to other MPPs in Northwestern Ontario.


Important Dates:

February 28th – International Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

March 5th – “Wise Up” – 11:00 am – HAGI Building, 1201 Jasper Dr.

March 20th – 7:00 pm – Injured Workers Gathering  – Christ Lutheran Church,  47 Walkover St.

April 28th – Day of Mourning –

June 1 – 10:00 am – Injured Workers Day – City Hall – Flag raising ceremony


Articles, videos and Posters 

Steve Mantis interviews two Injured Worker Advocates:

OFL calls for Universal Compensation Coverage :

Tenants Know Your Rights Event

tenant poster (004)



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