Changes to JOHS Training Standards Designed to Keep Profits Safe

written by Greg Snider   Editing + by Lise Vaugeois

Steve Mantis responded to the Ontario Governments changes to the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Training Standards with an e-mail to  In the Government’s own words, the changes were made to “reduce the burden on Business …  and save employers and workers time and money.”  The condensed version is: they are making the training shorter and online while giving the employer more time to implement the training.

Here is Steve’s response:


I must say how disappointing this news is.

Online training is fine but it does not replace in-person training – especially for many workers who have low literacy skills and have spent most of their lives working with their hands.  I have seen no data that online training works for blue collar workers.  Yes, it’s cheaper and easier but having engaged in adult education for many years, the discussions around the classroom table are where most of the learning takes place.

Once again, this government is prioritizing saving money for businesses at the expense of their workers.  

Where is the Ontario Government for the People?  Nowhere to be found.


Steve  Mantis



As a worker I was paid to take this training during my work day, so I am not sure how it saved me either time or money.  As a Past-President of an Injured Workers Support Group I have seen a great cost paid by workers when their Co-workers and/or bosses do not receive or follow Safety training.    During my in-person training I also heard stories about what happened when a certain safety procedure wasn’t followed.  Although second-hand training did not implant the importance of following safe procedures as much as a first-hand experience would have, it certainly did re-enforce the teaching.

If you agree with Steve and me, please send your own email to Please send us a copy at


N.B.: There is a rally tomorrow, Thursday, February 7, at 1:,  protest Ford government cuts.  Location: outside the Hoito on Bay Street.

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