Thunder Bay Recognizes Injured Workers Day, June 1

Check out the Thunder Bay and District Injured Worker Support Group News Release

May 30, 2017

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers’ Support Group (TB&DIWSG) will be raising a flag and hosting a media conference at Thunder Bay City Hall to celebrate Injured Workers Day on Wednesday,  June 1st at 10 AM.  This is also part of National AccessAbility Week.

Thousands of injured workers in Northwest Ontario face depression, unemployment and family breakdown following a workplace injury or disease.  They face many barriers in the community, family and workplace.  Many experience the negative stigma of being “an injured worker” – a drain on the system.  And its getting worse.

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) has had a campaign to save money on the backs of injured workers.   A new report called Bad Medicine just released last week details how the WSIB has used their “Health Care Strategy” to cut costs as opposed to help injured workers recover from injury or disease.

 The media is invited to attend.

This Event will mark 34 years since June 1st, 1983 when over 3,000 injured workers rallied at Queen’s Park to participate in Parliamentary Hearings on Workers Compensation.

The flag raising in Thunder Bay will be in solidarity with the Queen’s Park Rally to commemorate Injured Workers Day and to ask the Wynne Liberals to restore balance to the Workers Comp system – a system that has seen drastic cuts to injured and disabled workers benefits over the last seven years.

“ We want this government to refocus the system to actually help workers injured on the job rather than looking for every way possible to limit costs and give rebates to employers.  Giving bribes to health care providers to say a worker is better so they can be cut off WSIB benefits must stop.  Many disabled workers are falling deeper into poverty and this is leading to depression and suicide,” said Greg Snider, President, TB&DIWSG.

For more information, call Steve Mantis at 767-9633 or our office at 622-8897.


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