10 Reasons to Support Injured Workers Day

10 Reasons to Celebrate June 1 – Injured Worker’s Day


  1. It’s the day we pay tribute to injured workers and their families – the “forgotten” finally get some public attention.


  1. By showing up we make a statement: we exist, we are valuable and we are human and deserve dignity and respect.


  1. We have not much political influence, but we have numbers and powerful stories to tell.


  1. We are saying that the compensation system should serve the injured worker – it is not cheap insurance for employers.


  1. By turning out in numbers we are making some progress and fighting back against the “cost cutters” at the WSIB


  1. We are fighting so that our family does not have to provide for us financially, the WSIB should.


  1. It’s a day to come together with other injured workers and build community.


  1. It’s a day to come together with unions and communities to share solidarity.


  1. It’s a day to reach out to workers not yet injured, those back at work with pain, and those isolated and affected by chronic stress.


  1. It’s a day to show that injured workers are not just a news story, we are real, are struggling and are ready to fight for justice.




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