Another Win for Injured Workers

Some good news from our friends at IAVGO.  By working together with our friends and allies, we are making some progress.  While there is more to do, let’s celebrate this victory!!  – Steve Mantis, Treasurer, Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group.


Hi Everyone,

The WSIB’s FOI department sent us a letter today letting us know that they are making their drug formularies public and searchable.

This decision follows an extended legal and media fight by IAVGO to get access to these formularies and an intense Health Care campaign led by Injured Workers Action for Justice.  The ongoing campaign has significant support from injured workers and the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, community members, health care providers, academics, migrant-rights groups, legal clinics, and labour unions.  Also sending a special shout out to the Prescription Overruled coalition who have been pushing on similar issues!

The WSIB’s actions come when a decision by the Information and Privacy Commissioner on the release of the formularies was expected within days.   The WSIB’s formularies can be looked up here.

Of note is that workers had to fight for 4 years and on many fronts just to know what drugs they can and cannot get.  The Board continues to deny many medications and health care supports that doctors recommend because of their aggressive cost cutting agenda.  The campaign continues but we wanted to celebrate this small victory!

We ask that you do not send this to any press as we anticipate the Star to cover this tomorrow.

Congratulations to everyone involved!


Jessica Ponting, Belia Berrocal and Maryth Yachnin

IAVGO Community Legal Clinic

1500-55 University Avenue

Toronto ON M5J 2H7

Phn: (416) 924-6477 ext. 4527

Fax: (416) 924-2472

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