Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups Holds Province Wide Protest

Our workers’ compensation system is being torn down by an austerity agenda that cuts benefits to workers while rewarding employers. It is acting as a cruel insurance scheme, caring only about reducing its unfunded liability and employer premiums; while pushing us out into the cold to fend for ourselves and our families.

Tom Teahen, the President of WSIB states that at the heart of the WSIB mission is to provide security for Ontario’s workers. Yet they ignore the growing outcry from injured workers, doctors and advocates about the systemic injustices we face. Instead, their attention lays on seeking ways to unfairly cut compensation to injured workers.  But as they keep cutting back on benefits and legislative promises, we only grow stronger in our fight back against austerity and poverty. Our numbers grow as we are joined by doctors, health professionals, legal professionals, and organised labour against a cold and calculating system.

Together, we have strength and we have power. So join the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) on Monday December 12th at 11am outside the WSIB, as we raise our voices to demand justice for injured workers!

Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group will be protesting outside Minister Michael Gravelle`s Office, 179 Algoma Street South,on Monday, December 12 from noon to 1:00 pm.  Every one is welcome.

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