Research Help Needed

Following is an opportunity to help researches dedicated to finding out the facts about the lives of Injured Workers.  I thank Steve Mantis, TBDIWSG Treasurer and David Newberry of the Injured Workers Consultant Legal Clinic for forwarding this information. 

A team of respected researchers from across Ontario are conducting a study about Injured Worker experience with the return to work process. The researchers, including Sonja Senthanar (University of Waterloo), Katherine Lippel (University of Ottawa), and Ellen MacEachen (University of Waterloo) are looking to speak to workers who were:

  • Employed on a contract or by a temp agency at the time of your injury.
  • Self-employed at the time of your injury.
  • Earning minimum wage at the time of your injury.

They are looking to interview qualified workers for about an hour, and participants will be paid a small fee for their time.

As always, it is important for these researchers to hear the voices of injured workers. Everyone involved in the research project has established themselves as a respected and respectful researcher.

See the full text of the ad below, and contact if you are interested.

Recruitment: On-Line Ad

UWaterloo study: interviews about work injury

We seek workers with experience of return to work after work-related injury or illness to participate in a University of Waterloo and University of Ottawa interview study. You must have been employed on a contract or by a temporary agency, or self-employed or earning minimum wage at the time of your injury. We will ask you to share your return to work experience with us in an in-depth interview lasting up to one hour. A small payment is provided for your time. For more information, please contact our research team at

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