Day of Mourning Speech – Eugene Lefrancois, Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups

Injured Workers of Ontario are wondering why there are so many injuries and fatalities in the workplace.  Is it not the goal and employer’s responsibility to treat their workers fairly and safely?  I know that employers need to make profit but at what cost?  If the cost of making profit is the loss of body or some parts of an Injured Worker then the price is too high Continue reading

Day of Mourning Speach – Sandra Snider, Thunder Bay and District Labour Council

On this the National Day of Mourning we mourn the dead and fight for the living.  We first gathered in the year 1984 in Sudbury and today we are gathering around the world.

On Behalf of the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council I welcome all of you here on this important day.  I thank the organizing committee for their hard work.

When I think of Injured Workers who have been denied their benefits under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) and are left in an appeal system without assistance, I am thankful to have my union.  The Ontario Worker Adviser was established to help both unionized and non-unionized workers with appeals.  Under Mike Harris, Unions were removed from the list of those people to be helped by the OWA.  Then in 2015 without the fanfare the Ontario Worker Adviser (OWA) stopped taking any new cases, period.  This program, essential to workers unable to unionize, is administered by the Ontario Government while funded by WSIB. Why does the administrator of this program allow WSIB to under fund this important program.  Continue reading