Injured Workers Benefit from Completing Tax Returns

One of the things that we found with injured workers is that many  don’t file tax returns.  Once you miss one year and fall behind, it is hard to catch up.   Even if you have no taxable income, filing a return can help with access to benefits like the GST credit, Trillium benefits and access to other programs.

CRA list of Volunteer Tax preparation clinics in Ontario

Note some municipalities also run programs.   Check out your municipal website for more info.

If you don’t qualify or prefer to do your own taxes, I have been using free Studio Tax software for a number of years.     I have had no problem with the accuracy of it. I also use it for my parents taxes. You can also Netfile with it and now they have the Auto fill option if you have a CRA online account.  I actually used Auto fill  this year and it filled in my return.  I just had to verify personal info.   If you find the software helpful, they ask for donations but there is absolutely no obligation to donate.  There is no income limit to use it.  Note you have to download this software to use it.    You can also download versions from previous years although I’m not sure if you can use Netfile with them.   I have no relationship what so ever with this software other than I am a satisfied user.   If you don’t want to download the software, many of the commercial products offer free online filing for low income people.   Personally I prefer to have my info on my computer not online.

Catherine Fenech

Platform for Change: Science Based Decisions

by Greg Snider editing by Steve Mantis

Canadians just went through an election were three of our four major national parties were adamant that Governments needed to start making science based decisions and not decision lead Science.  The fourth party claimed their decisions were science based, after all it is pretty hard to say that you shouldn’t review your work, or the work of others, to ensure you are doing the best you can.  The same rule obviously holds true for any Workers Compensation Program.

The challenge is to have meaningful research done without predetermination and to be read accurately. Continue reading