Platform for Change – Universal Coverage

by Greg Snider  with thanks to Steve Mantis for editing

It may come as a shock to many people that WSIB coverage is not universal. In Ontario close to 30% of workers are not protected under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.  If you have been reading the past articles in this series you may be asking yourself “is that really a problem”.   The answer to that is that it matters a great deal.  Many workers not covered by WSIB will be receiving no coverage what so ever or be covered under an insurance company, with all the restrictions profit line can create. Continue reading

Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star – 01/02/2016

Ontario legislation aims to cut barriers to PTSD treatment for first-responders

Minister hints those afflicted won’t have to prove their illness was caused by the job, something that has proved difficult to do and is blamed for delaying treatment.

By: Rob Ferguson Queen’s Park Bureau, Published on Mon Feb 01 2016

First-responders such as firefighters, police and paramedics could soon get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder from the Workplace Safety Insurance Board without having to prove it was caused on the job. Continue reading

Toronto Star Editorial 31/01/2016

 Investigate workers’ complaints: Editorial

Doctors join injured workers to demand fair compensation.

Published on Sun Jan 31 2016

Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the provincial agency that provides compensation for workers injured on the job, has been a lightning rod since it was set up in 1914.

Workers accuse it of skimping on benefits, cutting short their medical treatment and forcing them back to work. Employers, whose premiums finance the board, accuse it of coddling malingerers.

Continue reading