Fraud or Something Like it has a hold on workers

Fraud or Something Like it has a hold on workers


Your Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group met Minister Kevin Flynn and before listening to our position he told us about somebody he knew who had committed WSIB fraud

Okay Mr. Minister lets talk about Fraud:

1) Let’s talk about Dr. Brenda Steinnagel who, after filing a report that the WSIB did not agree with, was told by the WSIB to change her report not once but several times.  When she refused the WSIB arranged for her dismissal. Fraud or something like it by the WSIB has robbed Dr. Steinnagel of her job and a worker of the life he knew.

Minister Flynn please demonstrate support for workers by coming to the Injured Workers Monument (beside the Hoito) at 1:00 pm Monday, December 14th.

2) Let’s talk about the Ontario Worker Adviser program that the government claims is providing support to Injured Workers that are fighting through a very complicated appeal system.  But the Thunder Bay Worker Advisor’s office has been turning people away for months because they have a two (2) year backlog of claims.  We call this the Ontario Government’s and WSIB’s unofficial “Barriers till You Give Up Program (BYGUP)”.  This failure of the Workers Advisors program is fraud or something like it that is frustrating legitimate Injured Worker Claimants to the point where they give up before receiving the benefits they are entitled to.

Show your support and come to the Injured Workers Monument located beside the Finish Labour Temple.  We will march to Michael Gravelle’s office.

3) Let’s talk about the Experience Rating program which rewards employers with the lowest monetary claims to WSIB and punishes those with the most. Suppressing Injured Workers Claims is easier for employers and the WSIB than fixing unsafe working conditions.  For WSIB to suggest that Experience Rating is for any other purpose then to save them money is beyond belief.  The Experience Rating Program is fraud or something like it solely designed to prevent workers from obtaining the money to which they are entitled.

Join Thunder Bay’s Injured Workers and their Families as they fight to stop WSIB’s fraudulent behaviour.

Monday, December 14th 1:00 pm

Finn Hall  – Bay St. – Injured Workers Memorial. 

Be there       Be heard.

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