TBDIWSG Public Meeting – November 5th

The Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers Support Group (TB&DIWSG)
will host a public meeting with guests John McKinnon and Marion Endicott.
Thursday, November 5, 2015
7 p.m.
Lakehead Labour Centre
John McKinnon is a senior staff lawyer and Marion Endicott is a community
legal worker both at Injured Workers Consultants Community Legal Clinic
in Toronto. Together they have 70 years of experience helping injured and
disabled workers.
Marion will be addressing the poverty of injured workers in Ontario citing a
number of recent studies. “Why are so many injured and disabled workers
falling into poverty following injury or disease?” asked Marion Endicott
“when we have a public system that was designed to prevent just that.”
John will give an update on the current legal challenges, including the
recent lawsuit by a doctor in Hamilton against the WSIB and the news from
the UK about the impact of ‘fit to work’ decisions and the coroner that
blamed it for a suicide. Mr. John McKinnon said “this subject of public
policy leading to ill health for workers and possible suicide is something we
may want to look at here.”
Please note: as the Lakehead Labour Centre has been sold, this is the last
month we will hold our public meetings there.
For more information, contact the Thunder Bay Injured Workers Support
Group 622-8897 or Steve Mantis at 630-7824.

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