Platform for Change: Collective Liability

By Greg Snider with thanks to Steve Mantis for editing

After reading the title of this article the majority of Canadians will be asking themselves, what is Collective Liability?  This is interesting since one of Ontario’s most popular public programs (OHIP) is based on Collective Liability.  We all pay into our Provincial Health Care account and when we need to pay for medical costs, money is taken out of that account.  This shelters our daily income and savings from sudden unexpected high expenses.  It works the same way for employers protecting them and their business from going bankrupt from a single accident.

There is agreement from the employer, employee and Injured Worker Groups that Collective Liability should be in place.  Where disagreement occurs is over how far it should go. Continue reading

Platform for Change – Justice, Humanely and Speedily Delivered

By Greg Snider, with thanks to John Rae and Jules Tupker for editing

The problem with Workers Compensation in Ontario is summed up in its name. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  It mentions neither the worker nor the compensation that the organization (WSIB) is to administer should she/he be injured or become ill while at work. Continue reading

Platform for Change: Worker’s Compensation must be Public

by Greg Snider with thanks to John Rae and Steve Mantis

Workers deserve to be compensated when injured in the workplace, of that there can be no debate.  After all, every province and Territory in Canada has some form of Workers Compensation Law.  The same is true of every industrialized nation.  The question we face today is how we best provide workers with compensation for injuries suffered while at work. Continue reading