Workers (Injured) Week in Review (May 28)

Companied fined / Worker Killed

May 15th – the Ministry of Labour reported that Blue River Masonry Ltd. was fined $80,000.00 and Roswell Construction Inc. was fined 90,000.00 for violations related to the death of an employee.  The employee fell while going from one scaffolding to another under wet conditions. There was no latter provided and access to the scaffoldings was done by climbing the metal supports of the North scaffolding.  To read more please click on the link.

Worker Killed in Markham

May 21st – One man was killed and another had to be rushed to hospital in serious condition when an industrial lift on a construction site flipped on its side.

Young Worker Killed

May 23rd – Alexie Dallaire-Vincent, a Tram Operator at the SAS St. Andrew Goldfields Holt Mine, died of injuries she suffered after being hit by a Ore Haulage Car.  Alexie was only 22 years old.  We hope her death reminds all of us how much more vulnerable young workers are and that we all have a responsivity to keep them safe.  If you wish to read more here is a link.  or

Kill a Worker go to Jail

May 25th – The OFL reports, they have been assured by Staff Sergeant D. S. Waley, that the OPP will reviewing a 2013 investigation in to a workers death in Kearney, Ontario. GRC Contracting was Fined $90,000.00 for violation to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  The employee died from trauma caused by a 40 foot fall and although she was wearing a harnass it was not attached to a fall arrest system.  GRC had been warned about this problems three days earlier.

To read the OFL site report click here

For the Ministries Report on the fine

Ride on

May 25th – Peter Page and Richard Hudon began their bike-a-thon from Ottawa to Toronto and the June 1st Injured Workers Conference in Toronto.  To read more click on the link.

Fighter for Justice on TV

This week – Long-time Injured Worker activist Steve Mantis will have Injured Worker Lawyer Marion Endercott on his Shaw television show “Community Conversations”.  This can be seen on channel 8 at numerous times each day.  This is well worth checking out.

Stat of the Month

– Between 2006 and 2012, 48 young workers aged 15 to 24 died in work-related incidents, according to Workplace Safety and Insurance Board statistics.

Important Dates

May 28th – Thunder Bay and District Labour Council meeting

June 1st – Injured Workers Day

June 1st – Injured Workers Conference begins in Toronto

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