Ministry of Labour Announces Employer Fine

You may recall a news story on December 17th, 2013.  It was hard to forget the video of a military rescue team using a helicopter to rescue crane operator, Adam Jasrtzebski, from the end of the crane’s boon while one of Kingston’s worse ever fires burned below. Mr. Jasrtzebski spent several months in hospital recovering from his burns.

In August, 2014 the Ministry of Labour laid 22 Charges against Jay Patry Enterprises, Stelmach Property Management, Jay Patry, Nathan Patry and Troy Stelmach.  Half of those charges were for failure to co-operate with the MOL investigator.

On May 19, 2015 Jay Patry Enterprises pleaded guilty to not carrying out proper safety procedures and was fined $75,000.00.

The Jay Patry Enterprise owners Jay Patry and Nathan Patry, plus Joseph Stelmach of Stelmach Property Management Inc. all pleaded guilty to not providing information to the MOL inspectors.  Mr. Aram Malek, owner of the Crane Company, was convicted on two charges. One charge was for failing to provide information or providing false information to the MOL inspectors and one was for inhibiting MOL Inspectors access to do their investigation.

The MOL statement alluded to the fact that the fire inspector was not able to determine the cause of the fire.  One has to wonder if this was because of the failure of the two major businesses involved in not co-operating with the MOL.   Did the companies get a smaller fine because of this?  The police, rightly, make an issue of the failure of people in our communities to co-operate with their investigations.  Should these companies not be held to the same moral scrutiny?

To see the Ministry’s information please click the link below

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