April 23rd – MONUMENT TO MOVE ???

At the monthly Thunder Bay and District Labour Council meeting it was announced that the Lakehead Labour Centre had been sold and notice had been given to the Labour Council that they were subject to one month notification to vacate the premises.  This would include the removal of the Injured Workers Monument.  The stature was purchased by the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council and at that time money was set aside for the purpose of moving the monument. The Labour Council is currently developing a list of possible sites for moving the monument.

April 28th


The Day of Mourning Ceremony at the Lakehead Labour Centre was a great success   there was over 200 people in attendance.  The event was dedicated to Constable Joe Prevett, James Marchinko and Robert Nelson.  The attendees listened to several speakers including Diana Parker, Ontario Nurses Association and Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario, before going outside the Labour Council to lay a rose at the Injured Workers Monument.

Syd Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour had a commentary published in the Toronto Star.  This article can be read at


The Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups is running a campaign to raise money for the “Justice for Injured Worker’s Legal Defense Fund”.  This is very important work that is being done for all workers. PLEASE check it out at


 In his April 28th statement the Ministry of Labour Prevention Officer tried to draw the public’s attention to the high number of Traumatic Fatalities in Ontario.  The problem is that in stating “Over the past ten years, the number of workplace fatalities has not declined in an appreciable way.” He has seriously misrepresented the facts.

FACT  The number of workplace fatalites has increase by 36% over the past 4 to 5 years (source – WSIB stats).

We assume he meant to say that “Over the past ten years, the number of workplace fatalities has increase at a rate unfathomable in any Industrialized State.”

 Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 5th

Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group – Board meeting –

6:30pm – March of Dimes

Thursday, May 14th

Bancroft Institute for Studies on Workers Compensation and Workplace Injury – Policy and Research Discussion Series #4.

How Characteristics’ of Workers Compensation Systems affect Doctors?  Comparing Quebec to Ontario.

10:00am to 12:30 pm at the Lakehead Labour Centre


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