How Much is a LIFE Worth

On Saturday April 25th, 2015, the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal printed the following letter from long-time Injured workers activist and chair of this years Day of Mourning Planning Committee.

As we approach April 28, we are once again preparing for the Day of Mourning which is to commemorate workers that were killed at work or through an occupational disease. I’m not quite sure what we can do to be honest. For the past 10 years I’ve either been the chair or the emcee or both and year after year we listen to statistics and shake our heads as to the amount of lives that are lost year after year.
In doing some research today, I was simply amazed at the fines some employers are being assessed — $75,000, $100,000.00, large amounts. However, when you keep reading the court’s decision you soon realize that the worker was killed. Is that what a life is worth? What about the families left behind? Are they simply to keep going as if nothing happened?
The Ministry of Labour must make employers accountable for their actions or, in some cases, no actions when it comes to faulty equipment that kills workers, ruins lives, families, careers and the list goes on.
According to the MOL’s website, “new and young workers in Ontario are three times more likely to be injured in the first month on the job than at any other time.” We know it, we hear it, read it, so isn’t time we did something about it. Day of Mourning, April 28, everyone welcome.
Robert Larocque
Thunder Bay

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