The “Platform Form For Change” continues to Grow Support

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers and OPSEU Local 740 are the latest two organizations to endorse the platform for change.

The Ontario Network of Injured Worker Support Groups is a non profit organization who’s membership is made of representative from local Injured Worker Groups across Ontario.  They have been a major force for Injured Workers by fighting for policy and legislative change to WSIB and being involved in Court Challenges to WSIB/Government Policy/Practice/legislation, while at the same time providing assistance to Community Based Injured Worker Groups to form, develop and prosper.

OPSEU Local 740 represents employees of Community Living Thunder Bay.  The large majority of their members are in the Developmental Services doing Supportive Living and Employment Services.  People involved in this very important line of work are not automatically covered by WSIB.  Thanks to the work of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union and it’s members this group of dedicated workers have negotiated with their employer to receive coverage.

We would love to hear from your Group in regard to the Platform For Change.  The form can be found on this website (see top bar)..  If you group has endorsed the Platform For Change please let us know (

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