When The Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) presented the President and CEO  of Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, I. David Marshall, with their once prestigious Construction Employers Award they made clear their deep contempt for any employee who would have the nerve to be injured while in their employee.  Under I. David Marshall’s leadership the WSIB has seen the percentage of applicants who qualify for WSIB decrease while over the same time period the number of people who suffer life ending injuries increase.  I. David Marshall, has a mandate to encourage employers to make their workplaces safer.  A goal he clearly has not accomplished but then I don’t think The Council of Ontario Construction Associations give a damn about how many people die while at work when there is profit to be protected.

And what of I. David Marshall’s character and/or pride in his job.  His job is to run an organization charged with collecting money from employers for the purpose of reimbursing workers for what they have lost due to a workplace injury.   There is a predictable conflict of interest between the employers who will almost always feel the employee is getting too much and the employees who will almost always feel they haven’t received fair compensation.  WSIB is tasked with being the neutral decision maker between these two groups.  Knowing this to be true it is hard to understand how I. David Marshall can be completing his work in a fair manner while accepting an award for being a friend to business.  Perhaps it’s because he isn’t being fair. Note the quote below.

“The story I am going to go over with you is really a story of an historic transformation. It isn’t one person that takes credit for this change, it is a team effort, with employers, ourselves and all of our stakeholders.”  I. David Marshall, President WSIB as printed in the Daily Commercial News.

I can only assume that injured workers are included in his definition of “all other stakeholders” but the facts prove otherwise.  Injured workers are suffering the consequences of the transformation that I. David Marshall talks about and have never been a part of a team effort led by him.

I David Marshall serves at the pleasure of Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal Government.

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