Walmart, Lowe’s, Safeway, and Nordstrom Are Bankrolling a Nationwide Campaign to Gut Workers’ Comp

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America’s biggest employers want to pick and choose the benefits they give their injured workers.

Mike Mozart

March 26, 2015

Nearly two dozen major corporations, including Walmart, Nordstrom, and Safeway, are bankrolling a quiet, multistate lobbying effort to make it harder for workers hurt on the job to access lost wages and medical care—the benefits collectively known as workers’ compensation. Continue reading

The “Platform Form For Change” continues to Grow Support

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers and OPSEU Local 740 are the latest two organizations to endorse the platform for change.

The Ontario Network of Injured Worker Support Groups is a non profit organization who’s membership is made of representative from local Injured Worker Groups across Ontario.  They have been a major force for Injured Workers by fighting for policy and legislative change to WSIB and being involved in Court Challenges to WSIB/Government Policy/Practice/legislation, while at the same time providing assistance to Community Based Injured Worker Groups to form, develop and prosper.

OPSEU Local 740 represents employees of Community Living Thunder Bay.  The large majority of their members are in the Developmental Services doing Supportive Living and Employment Services.  People involved in this very important line of work are not automatically covered by WSIB.  Thanks to the work of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union and it’s members this group of dedicated workers have negotiated with their employer to receive coverage.

We would love to hear from your Group in regard to the Platform For Change.  The form can be found on this website (see top bar)..  If you group has endorsed the Platform For Change please let us know (


When The Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) presented the President and CEO  of Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, I. David Marshall, with their once prestigious Construction Employers Award they made clear their deep contempt for any employee who would have the nerve to be injured while in their employee.  Under I. David Marshall’s leadership the WSIB has seen the percentage of applicants who qualify for WSIB decrease while over the same time period the number of people who suffer life ending injuries increase.  I. David Marshall, has a mandate to encourage employers to make their workplaces safer.  A goal he clearly has not accomplished but then I don’t think The Council of Ontario Construction Associations give a damn about how many people die while at work when there is profit to be protected. Continue reading

An Experience Rating Fact

Will WSIB sells Experience Rating as the best way they have to encourage employers to provide a safe workplace.  

DID YOU KNOW that Home Depot was fined $90,000  by a justice of the peace after pleading guilty to committing a breach under the Health and Safety Act IN 2O13 (the breach resulted in an employee receiving a head injury,  paralysis and broken bones) while in the same year receiving a rebate from the Experience Rating Program of over $2,500,000.  This is not an oddity. The Experience Rating Program is a failure.  To learn more attend:



When: 7pm – THURSDAY MARCH 19TH 


Come and join us for a discussion on Experience Rating and learn about the WSIB giving your benefit dollars back to employers even after their employees have been killed on the job

Please call the Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers’ Support Group at 622-8897 for more information

“What the Day of Mourning means to me” Contest.

The Day of Mourning planning Committee has decided to hold a contest and ask individuals to submit their stories on “What the Day Of Mourning means to me.” 
To enter the contest and submit your story please go to  click on “Home-National Day of Mourning” and again on “My Story.”
Stories will be reviewed by the Committee and there will be prizes for the best three.
Prizes include gift certificates and a hand drawing by local artist Eugene Lefrancois.
You can have your friends/family vote on your story to increase support for your submission.

Demolition of Workers Compensation in the U.S.A

Here is a report from south of the border.  In some things, its good to be 10 years behind the States.  Unfortunately, our provincial governments are trending in the same direction.

Here is a link to a study released today by ProPublica, an independent investigative news group in the U.S.   It is a summary of a state by state study of changes to workers compensation 2000-2014.  They conclude that there has been a systematic and purposeful dismantling of the compensation system by employers and conservative politicians,  mostly at the expense of the most seriously disabled workers.   

It combines a “big picture” analysis with personal stories.   It is an important document, naming what has happened over the last 10-15 years  and even though we know it all too well, it is still shocking.   

Ontario Doesn’t have to go this route.

Thunder Bay and District Labour Council Supports Injured Workers Group

Steve Mantis, long time Injured worker activist and founding member of the Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group was invited to address the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council on February 27th.

Steve began by explaining the extensive work of the TBDIWS, before discussing the ills of our current Workers Compensation System and finished up explaining the importance and substance of the “Platform for Change” document.  There were several questions and statements of support from the  TBDLC members after Steve finished his speech.

Later in the meeting a motion was unanimously passed to have the TBDLC endorse the “Platform for Change” document and request its union members follow suit.

We thank the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council for their continuing support.

With shared strength we move forwar

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance February 25th Update

With only 9 years, 10 months and 3 days left for the Government to lead
Ontario to become fully accessible for people with disabilities by 2025, the
Ontario Government has taken the backwards step of planning to reduce its
already-paltry enforcement of the AODA. This is so even though the
Government knows that there remain rampant violations of that legislation
among over 60% of private sector organizations with at least 20 employees.
This is so also despite the fact that the final report of the Mayo Moran
AODA Independent Review, delivered to the Government last November,
recommended that the Government strengthen, and not weaken its enforcement
of this important legislation.

Continue reading