TBIWSG Board Meeting – February 2, 2015

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group (TBDIWSG) held their monthly board meeting on Tuesday past.

We started the meeting as we always do with a moment of silence for those who have passed away due to an accident in the workplace or who are still struggling in their lives due to a workplace injury.

Barry Beaupre, Council of Canadians (CoC), spoke to us about his organization and the work that they have been doing. They were hoping by meeting with us that we could find ways to support each other’s activities where there was cross interests. The CoC is a non-profit organization and the local group has between 150 and 200 members.  One of their current campaigns is to stop the selling of Hagi Camp by the Ontario Government.  This is one of very few fully accessible camps that are open to the general public. The Board felt that this certainly would be a concern to some of our members who were now or would be later facing serious mobility issues.   We passed a motion opposing the closure of the Hagi Camp. For more information about the Council of Canadians you can link here https://tbaycoc.wordpress.com

Steve Mantis reported on the New Directions Speakers School.  This organization began as a part of the TBDIWSG as a way to help Injured Workers be able to tell their stories and become more empowered.  It has evolved into it’s own organization.  Two of its current Board seats are set aside for the TBDIWSG.

It was confirmed that Steve Mantis will be a guest speaker at the February 26th Labour Council meeting where he will present and take questions regarding the revised Platform for Change.

The Board also decided to spend some money on the purchase of a flag.  The flag will be in black and white with are current symbol.

Eugene Lefrancois, Chair of Ontario Network of Injured Worker Groups (ONIWG) and one of our trustees, reported on activities with that organization.  Several ONIWG members meet with the Minister of Labour which went well.  Further meetings are being arranged with a smaller group of ONIWG members. (to read more go to Labour Minister….feb 6th) The Human Rights Tribunal has taken an interest in WSIB surveillance practices.

Plans for the February 19th media conference regarding the “Platform for Change” were discussed.  The Press Conference will be held at 2:00 pm in the Labour Centre.  Nancy Hutchison, OFL, will be flying in from Toronto to attend the News Conference and the evening public meeting.  The importance of having a good turn out for the press conference was also discussed.  There will be an evening event at 7:00 pm at the Labour Centre to hear more from Nancy, to answer any outstanding questions and to discuss going forward on Injured Worker issues.  Please come out.

Greg shared that the Day of Mourning for April 28th Planning Committee will be having their first meeting on February 12th at 7:00pm at the TBDIWSG office in the Labour Centre.  If you are interested please come out.

Some of our members met earlier this month with Bill Mauro and he expressed his support for having the Minister of Labour come up and visit with our Board.

Those were the high points of our meeting on February 3rd. We again would like to thank the March of Dimes for allowing us to use their space.


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