An Evening of Shared Stories

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group held a Sharing Circle on the evening of Thursday, January 15th .  The support group had asked Injured Workers, their family members and the many people who support injured workers to bring their stories for an evening of support and sharing.  Almost 30 participants sat in a circle and while passing around a Medicine Bag shared their stories.  There was a large range of topics covered by the stories.  Although most of the stories were about battles with WSIB/WCB they ranged from the cause of injury to the effect on family members.

Through the evening those with more experiences with the issues effecting Injured Workers would share their hard earned knowledge with the less experienced attendees.

During the session Pierre Beaupre offered up his professional services in stress Management. Pierre, now retired and an Injured Worker himself, worked for 24 years at the Sister Margaret Smith Centre.  He has gained a great deal of knowledge regarding self-relaxation techniques.  These practices can be of great help to those struggling with high stress saturations.  A signup sheet for Pierre’s sessions was passed around and a future notice about how to add your name to this sheet will be posted on this website soon.

Things wrapped up around 9:00 pm and the medicine bag was given to Eugene Lefrancois who, in the Metis-Ojibway tradition, will send the shared prayer/words of the evening up to the spirits.  It was a wonderful and appropriate end to the evening.

The Thunder Bay and District Injured Workers Support Group would like to thank those who attended the event.

Through shared strength we move forward.

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